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Fundelights, Inc.
619 N. Carolina Ave
Maiden, NC 28650
Toll-free:  888.464.1207

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100% Guarantee

We want you to be delighted with any item that you purchase! Please contact us if you are not satisfied  and we will replace the piece or refund your purchase price (minus shipping, if applicable).


With two decades of experience, Fundelights, Inc., is equipped to help with all your fundraising needs. Speak with one of our representatives to organize your next fundraiser. 

We Leave You

Completely Delighted

  • Our products are the highest quality in fundraising. People actually love what they get!
  • Brochures and parent letters counted out by classroom and delivered, ready to go home.
  • Customized incentive programs to increase sales/participation.
  • Prizes packed for each seller, sorted by classroom, ready to make sellers happy
  • Toll-free phone, or email customer service with quick response.
  • Professional and fun kick-offs in person, or by video. Totally, 100%, nothing left undone, satisfaction guaranteed!
"Great to work with, best ever at service.”

“Best ever! Would love to use him again and again.”

“You won't beat the service and immediate response to any issue which might arise.”

“He is a man of his word, who works extra hard to make your event successful. He is professional and responsible.”

“Scott has a knack for anticipating your needs and the character to do what it takes to meet those needs.  They have never done fundraising this easy!”

“It is a very organized fundraiser. Mr. Willms took care of everything. He did exactly what he said he would do, is a very courteous representative and was a pleasure to work with.”