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Delicious Boxed Chocolates

  • Real Milk and Dark Chocolate made with natural cocoa butter
  • Only the highest quality of nuts are used in our lineup
  • The "All $7" brochure offers high quality at a low price (Can be used as a supplement to other products, or as a stand-alone sale)
  • Free brochures, shipping and sorting by seller. All you do is hand the completed order to the seller
  • Generous 40% profit on all items
  • Purchase only what you sell, not the entire leftover case
  • "Masterpieces" brochure contains 18 of our best-selling items for a stand-alone, pre-collect chocolate fundraiser

Giant $2 Chocolate Bars

  • The best-tasting $2 bars in fundraising.
  • High-Quality, silky-smooth chocolate by Hebert.
  • No delivery charges anywhere in our area.
  • Four different bars in the $2 variety box including 10 incredible Milk Chocolate with Almonds, 5 Milk Chocolate with Crisp, 10 Silky Caramel in Milk Chocolate, and 5 pure Milk Chocolate.
  • $20-$30 profit per carrier sold.

Free samples

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